Xochitl Mexican Style Salted Corn Chips, 16 oz

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Stone-ground. Totopos de Maiz. Unique, Mexican Style. Best in the nation by Rosengarten Report 2005. Thin & crispy. No trans fat. No gluten. All natural. No preservatives. No cholesterol. No GMO. Good for you! We only use the best non-hydrogenated oils for it's healthy characterizes and valuable source of vitamins and delicious flavors. Xochitl brings to your the finest products with the most unique home-made flavors that can be found in the exotic places of the old continents. The Aztecs used to grind kernels of corn with big rocks in a form of a wheel and added water and lime to create a dough called Nixtamal, this dough was used to make tortillas. Today, hundreds of years later, Xochitl uses the same unique process to make the authentic corn totopos (chips) that you are about to taste. Xochitl totopos are oven-baked and quick fried to perfection creating deliciously thin and crispy chips. After you open your totopos, our custom brown bag will help keep them fresh and crispy longer than any other bag on the market. We care for the health of our customers and their families, that is the reason we use the highest quality all natural ingredients and non-hydrogenated oils. Product of USA.