Wissotzky Tea Imperial Earl Grey Tea, 16 ct

$4.99 ea

Premium black tea perfectly infused with the alluring flavor and fragrance of bergamot. Silky pyramid tea bags. Family owned since 1849. Our family has been dedicated to exploring and blending extraordinary teas for over 160 years. Our journey began in Moscow in 1849, where Klonimus Wissotzky opened his business and became the exclusive tea purveyor to the Russian Emperor. As our company grew, we traveled to the tea gardens of the world to source the finest whole leaf teas, creating exceptional blends that have earned numerous awards from the connoisseurs of Europe and Asia. We are proud to introduce Wissotzky Tea to discerning tea drinkers in North America. This Signature Collection of black, green, white and herbal teas represents the very best of our family journey. We hope you'll love drinking our teas as much as we love making them for you. K. Wissotzky. Imperial Earl Grey. Perfect tea blending for over 160 years, this is our classic take on a British legend. A noble blend of our superior quality black teas perfectly infused with the light, balanced fragrance of alluring bergamot oil. Each silky pyramid tea bag contains loose whole leaves and flowers, providing robust flavors and an intoxicating aroma. True indulgence. Delicious served with milk. Delicious served with lemon. Caffeine content per cup (average mg per 8 oz. cup): Herbal tea: 0 mg. Green tea; 15 mg. Black tea; 45 mg. Coffee: 130 mg.