White Leaf Provisions Organic Carrot Sweet Potato Pea Baby Food, 3.2 oz

$2.99 ea

White Leaf Provisions Biodynamic Carrot + Sweet Potato + Pea baby food is made from organic pure fruits and vegetables that are regeneratively farmed, seasonally grown, and harvested in tune with nature. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used—just fresh, organic foods. Keith and Megan Rowe founded White Leaf Provisions in 2016. After their son Keegan was born, they set out in search of the purest organic food to feed him and came up short. In talking with fellow parents, the couple realized how many questions people had regarding food products, farming methods, and health. They were inspired to help fill a need in the marketplace. The founders of White Leaf Provisions believe being mindful of the food we eat and how it was grown is one step towards being more in tune with the world around us. That’s why this family business creates pure foods in partnership with biodynamic farms—to help regenerate the land our children will inherit.