Tumaro's NY Deli Style Rye Wrap, 4.00 ea

$3.29 ea

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Today's the day. Inspired by classic deli flavors! Great breads make delicious wraps! 40% fewer calories than the leading rye bread. Tumaro's Rye Wrap [90 calories per wrap] has 40% fewer calories than 2 slices of the leading rye bread [160 calories]. Let's skip the sandwich. Tumaro's Low-in-Carb Wraps are a healthy alternative to traditionally higher-carb and calorie-laden sandwich breads, so skip the sandwich and enjoy a wrap instead! Their visit to The Big Apple left them inspired by the traditional breads and bagels offered at New York's finest deli counters. They're proud to say these flavorful, healthy wraps are everything you would expect from Tumaro's.