Tozai Snow Maiden Saki, 720 mL

$16.99 ea

Grade: Junmai. Prefecture: Kyoto. Profile: Bright, ricey/fruity, good body, long finish. Rice: Gohyakumangoku & Gin-Ohmi. This sake is named after Hanako, a koi fish that lived to the age of 226 years in pure mountain water at the base of Japan's Mt. Ontake. 2.6% Junmai Ginjo & Junmai Diaginjo. 3.2% Ginjo & Daiginjo. 6.2% Junmai & Tokubetsu Junmai. 14.2% Honjozo. 73.8%. Product and bottled by Kizakura Co., LTD. Alc. 14.9% by vol. Product of Japan.