Taylors of Harrogate Gunpowder Loose Green Tea, 4.41 oz

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A green China tea made from tightly rolled young leaves. Tea merchants since 1886. England. This green tea gets its name from its distinctive leaf style, which is said to resemble gunpowder shot. The tea is steamed, rolled by hand and dried in large open pans over a fire. When hot water is added to the tea it unfurls to reveal whole leaves floating in a clear green liquor, with a fresh, delicate flavour. The enjoyment of leaf tea comes not just from the ritual of brewing in a teapot, but also in its extra subtlety of flavour. Our tea blenders visit tea estates to select only the finest seasonal hand-plucked teas. Founded in 1886, we are an independent family business, dedicated to the pleasures of good tea and coffee. Blended and packed in England by Taylors of Harrogate HG2 7LD.