Sukhi's Potato Samosas & Chutney, 12 oz

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Crispy handcrafted wraps with potatoes & peas. Irresistible Indian cuisine. No preservatives added. Mildly spiced. Fully cooked. 10 pieces. Dipping sauce inside. Vegan. Sukhi's Potato Samosas make an appetizing side dish or snack. We've included our delectable Cilantro Chutney for dipping. Perfectly sized for party platters, they will spice up any gathering of family or friends. Now it's easy to share the irresistible flavors of Sukhi's anytime! There are two types of people: people who love Indian food and the people who just haven't tried it yet. Come into my kitchen and fall in love. - Sukhi Singh. For more irresistible products and serving ideas: Facebook: Like us on Facebook. A Culture of Taste: Every culture has their version of the stuffed dumpling. Samosas are world-famous for their crispy fried texture and spiced stuffings. Samosas can be a snack, a main dish or a dessert, depending on the stuffing. Our Potato Samosas make a perfect appetizer or meal. Made in the USA. Processed of USA.