SpindleTap Boomtown Blonde Ale Beer 12 oz Cans, 6 pk

$8.65 ea

A boomtown is a community that experiences sudden and rapid population and economic growth. This is normally attributed to the nearby discovery of a precious resource or some other previously undiscovered advantage. Houston and the Gulf Coast of Texas have certainly had historical runs of “boomtown” status due to oil, but apart from a few brief hiccups, we consider this area to be in a perpetual state of BOOM. Mostly due to the hardworking population that calls this little paradise home.BoomTown Blonde is a salute to Houston and all this big ol’ mess of steel, sweat and 100% pure Texas has to offer. No sizzle, all steak. No hat, all cattle. Okay, maybe a little hat of the 10-gallon variety if you’re so inclined. The point remains.We may not be the prettiest city on the planet, but these dollar bills are pretty enough. What’s that smell, you ask? I believe that’s the color green. So grab yourself a frosty barley pop and pour one out for Houston, TX.