Silk Original Coconut Milk, 1/2 gal

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Bring a little paradise to your everyday routine. Silk® Original Coconutmilk adds a creamy, tropical taste to smoothies, works like a dream in recipes and pairs perfectly with coffee. Each serving provides 50% more calcium than dairy milk,1 for a delicious 80 calories a cup.

All natural coconutmilk (added vitamins and minerals). The exotic taste of coconut. 80 calories per serving. 50% more calcium than milk. Lactose-free & dairy-free. Oh, so coconut. Oh, so good. Crack open a carton of Silk Pure Coconut coconutmilk, and treat your body to 45% of the recommended daily calcium per serving. That's 50% more calcium than dairy milk! Best of all, it's yours for 80 calories a cup. Yep, just like coconuts, our coconutmilk offers more than you might think at first glance. The good news is, it's unlikely to fall from a tree and hit you on the head. Get carried away. Imagine a subtle breeze on a sunny beach under a swaying palm. Except more drinkable. That's Silk Pure Coconut coconutmilk - creamy, dreamy satisfaction with an exotic-yet-familiar taste you'll crave. It doesn't come with a tiny umbrella, but you can add your own if you want. Stir up. Or whisk it. Or shake it. Or simmer it. Whatever you do with it, remember that our coconutmilk is a perfect choice for recipes. Intrigued? Choose wisely. Drink happily. Silk Pure Coconut Original: 80 calories. So Delicious Original: 80 calories. 2% Dairy Milk: 120 calories. Silk Pure Coconut Original: 45% DV calcium. So Delicious Original: 10% DV calcium. 2% Dairy Milk: 30% DV calcium. Silk Pure Coconut Original: 5 g total fat. So Delicious Original: 5 g total fat. 2% Dairy Milk: 5 g total fat. Silk Pure Coconut Original: 0 mg cholesterol. So Delicious Original: 0 mg cholesterol. 2% Dairy Milk: 20 mg cholesterol. Silk Pure Coconut Original: 6 g sugars. So Delicious Original: 6 g sugars. 2% Dairy Milk: 12 g sugars. So Delicious Original (accessed June 2010). 2% dairy milk (Data drawn from USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 22 (2009). Coconuts are one of nature's best sources of MCFA's (medium chain fatty acids) - special fats that are more easily burned as energy than other fats. It's just one more way our coconutmilk does your body right. Ahhh. Made in USA.