Seltzer's Beef Lebanon Bologna, lb

$9.49 lb

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Seltzer's Original Lebanon Bologna dates all the way back to their founder, Harvey Seltzer, who developed his secret premium spice blend in 1902. Back then – and still to this day – he hung the Lebanon Bologna by mesh netting in the traditional hand tended old-fashioned wood smokehouses for three days to cure. This process adds a one-of-a-kind natural smoke flavor. Why not rush the process? Because the Seltzer family will never use shortcuts like 'smoke flavoring.' The natural smoke aroma is distributed deep throughout the Lebanon Bologna balancing the tangy flavor of smoked beef and spices. And it's always made entirely with 90% lean beef. It's the traditional lunch meat for a delicious sandwich, perfect with zesty mustard and potato chips. Seltzer's Original Lebanon Bologna is the premium lunch meat, without the premium price.