SeaBear Wild Salmon Wild Salmon Smoked Keta Salmon, 6 OZ

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The popular Keta is one of the Pacific Northwest's most abundant varieties of wild salmon. Its light pink color, firmer texture, and mild flavor make it very versatile, and broadly appreciated by people of all tastes. SeaBear starts with the very best Keta salmon there are: those caught individually by hook & line, providing for an unparallel level of hand crafted care (only 2 out of every 1,000 Keta salmon caught by Northwest fishermen meet this standard!) Then we smoke this Keta salmon in the traditional Northwest method, fully cooking it over slow-burning alder wood. SeaBear's hand-crafted difference. SeaBear started in 1957 as a small custom smokehouse in the fishing village of Anacortes, Washington. Today, as then, we begin with salmon caught wild in the icy cold, clear waters of the Pacific Northwest. Each fish is filleted by hand, traditionally smoked over our native alder wood, vacuum sealed in a gold pouch and gently cooked, this preserves the salmon naturally, and no refrigeration is needed until the pouch is opened. The result is smoked salmon unlike any other in the world tender, flaky, fully cooked in its own natural juices and ready to serve.