Natures Herb Farm Gorizia Rosemary, 6 in

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Plant Specifications:

- Rosmarinus Officinalis ‘G’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 4’ tall spreading out to 4’ wide.
- A large rosemary with clusters of large green needles on very thick stems.
- Blooms in Spring and Fall with large blue flowers.

In the Garden:

- An attractive, sturdy shrub in the garden, it is a popular and easy-to-grow rosemary.
- Does well in rocky, well-drained soil.
- Great for filling in empty spaces in the garden and attractive to bees.

Plant Uses:

- Wonderful for ornamental landscaping and various culinary uses, such as skewers on the grill and flavoring meats, potatoes and bread dishes.

How to grow:

- Plant in full sun.
- Space 24-36” (61-91 cm) apart.