Red Jacket Red Jacket Orchards Tart Cherry Stomp, 32 fl oz

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100% artisanal nectar. Est. 1958. New York. Cold pressed. Unfiltered. No added sugar or water. 100% fruit juice. Tart cherries contain melatonin, a substance that contributes to a naturally balanced sleep-wake cycle. Anthocyanins give tart cherries their rich deep hue, and are an anti-inflammatory power house. Our stomps are unfiltered and cold pressed, making it taste as close to the whole fruit as you can get. Red Jacket is a third-generation family orchard. Since the very beginning, the Nicholsons have been committed to sustainability, responsible farming practices and small-batch pressing of hand selected fruits. We have a passion for our land and our craft - you'll taste our commitment to purity in every sip. Pure. Fresh. Delicious. - The Nicholsons. Flash pasteurized. Non-GMO.