Plum Organics Baby Super Greens Spinach & Apple Super Puffs, 1.5 oz

$2.78 ea

Fruit & veggie grain puffs. Eat your colors! Melts in mouth. Made with whole grains. Made from real organic fruits & veggies. USDA organic. Culinary-inspired - delightful flavor combinations. Convenient portable container - fits in most cup holders. BPA-free packaging. Recyclable. Perfect snacking for little fingers. Eat your colors! Vibrantly colored fruits and veggies hold many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Serving your baby a rainbow of colors will not only help develop a healthy taste for a variety of flavors, but will also provide a wide range of nutrients. Super Puffs are a great and yummy way to teach your little ones to eat their colors. These bite-sized, nutritious snacks put healthy eating in their hands - Plum Parents. Super Greens has 10% of your little one's daily value of calcium - to help develop strong bones. All Super Puffs have: Iron: 10% of daily value (per serving) - for healthy brain development. Vitamin E: 15% of daily value (per serving) - a powerful antioxidant. Zinc: 15% of daily value (per serving) - to help support a healthy immune system. Is your baby ready for super puffs? Your baby may be ready for Super Puffs if he or she: crawls with stomach off the floor; eats thicker, chunkier food purees; picks up small foods between thumb & first finger; uses jaw to mash food. Nourishing generation organic from the highchair to the lunchbox. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth.