Organic Valley Half & Half, 32 OZ

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Ultra pasteurized. Grade A. USDA organic. Never Uses: GMO feed; Antibiotics; Toxic pesticides; Synthetic hormones. Organic pasture-raised. We give our animals the greenest pastures and they give you delicious cream. Pasture-raised with love. In a way, cows are like kids - the more time outside, the better. Our farmers send their cows out into lush, organic pastures for fresh air, exercise and grazing (weather permitting, of course). Stir in Some Love: Wake up your morning brew and enrich your favorite recipes with our delicious half & half. It's a wholesome mix of organic milk and cream from the pastures of our family farms. Just stir it in to add rich flavor and lush texture to your coffee, sauces or desserts. Always Handled with Care We never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMO feed.