Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, 8.45 oz

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Cold Pressed. High in heart-healthy mono-unsaturates, nutrients, and antioxidants. Great for high heat cooking. Salads-drizzling-dressing. Contains the oil of 20 avocados. No trans fats. All natural. Distinguish your kitchen by using one of the healthiest and most versatile culinary oils; High burn point: 500 degrees F/255 degrees C. Enhances flavours of foods. Seafood, meats, pasta dishes, salads, dips. Avocado oil enables the body to absorb up to 17 times more carotenoids and nutrients found in salads and vegetables (Ohio State University Study-2004). Olivado is the World's leading brand of avocado oil. Made from local & imported ingredients. Product of New Zealand.