Oak Hill Farms Cora Lamar's Spinach, 10 OZ

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Spinach from Poteet: A Nutrient Rich Treat. When you munch on Cora Lamar’s Spinach in your salad, it’s almost like eating spinach from your own backyard. Grown by Cora Lamar on her 170-acre farm in Poteet, Texas; Cora attributes the tastiness of her spinach to “good dirt” and water from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. Texas spinach is darker and sweeter than most other varieties, so it’s perfect as a salad base or as side dish – sautéed with some olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and garlic. Not to mention, it’s a deliciously easy way to get your Vitamins K and A. Cora Lamar Spinach is picked fresh on the farm, handpacked and delivered to your H-E-B within hours.