Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 4 oz

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Since 1907. Sealed for your protection. Alcohol (35%). Our exclusive cold process method extracts the essence from selected vanilla pods, the finest obtainable, producing rich and delicious flavor that is unsurpassed. Use and enjoy! Vanilla, the most popular flavor in the world, originated in Mexico. Brought to Europe, about 1520, by the explorer Cortez, it was first used only in conjunction with cacao beans in a drink called chocolatl. Since 1602, it has been enjoyed as a flavor by itself. Grown mainly in Madagascar and Indonesia, as well as other minor areas, the vanilla bean, or pod, is the only edible fruit-bearing orchid. Each flower, open only one day a year, must be hand pollinated to produce a pod which requires a labor intensive 3-6 month curing process to develop full flavor. About 5 pounds of harvested pods produce only 1 pound of cured pods.