Le Pain Des Fleurs Organic Chestnut Crispbread, 4.4 oz

$4.99 ea

Deliciously gluten free. Low fat. Cholesterol free. Low sodium. GMO free. USDA organic. Our commitment: To create superior products, you must begin with the finest pure organic ingredients nature has to offer. That is what we believe and practice. Every chestnut we harvest begins as a sheathed nut that is nestled at the base of a long flower cluster. Each chestnut crispbread, with its pure organic ingredients, is then lightly toasted to capture the authentic sweetness of the chestnut. In the end, you have the true, honest taste of nature - Le Pain des Fleurs, The Bread of Flowers. 100% Organic: As natural as the groves where the organic chestnuts are picked before being blended with organic rice flour and just a hint of sea salt. Naturally sweet and enjoyable without any added sugars. Gluten Free: Made in France.