Kitchen Table Bakers Rosemary Crackers, 3 oz

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A natural decadence. Wheat, gluten & sugar free. The crisp made entirely of cheese. At Kitchen Table Bakers our crisps are made entirely of aged parmesan cheese and offer a truly indulgent snacking experience that you can enjoy without guilt. Our unique baking process and delicious all natural cheese crisps satisfy even the most discerning palate while adhering to strict nutritional and dietary guidelines. Only the highest quality aged parmesan cheeses and seasonings are used to make our gourmet, all natural and one of a kind cheese crisps. These crisps are rich in calcium and are naturally low in carbs. Our mother, who was the best kitchen table baker, used to say: Use only the finest ingredients and you will end up with something delicious and nutritious. We took her advice and created the ultimate healthful yet decadent Parmesan Crisps. Our crisps complement wine and spirits. They can be used as a chip with dip, as a base for a canape or just enjoy right out of the package on their own. At Kitchen Table Bakers we will never compromise taste or quality for expediency. From Our Kitchen Table to yours. - Sincerely, Barry Novick.