H-E-B Texas Tough Slider Gallon Storage Bags, 30 ct

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Grooved closure with a click seal. Improved slider is easy to open and seal. Easy grip seal bib. Usage Tips and Ideas: Meal Prep: H-E-B Texas Tough bags are the perfect place to hold your pre-made meals and favorite snacks. Marinade: Use H-E-B Texas Tough bags for meat and poultry marinades. Prepare your favorite fajita, brisket and chicken marinades the day before the big grilling event! Get Fun With It: Use H-E-B Texas Tough for any variety of creative, helpful uses around the home: Store pet treats: Fill with the family pet's favorite treat and take it with you on the run. Dispense pastry icing: Fill bag with icing, cut off the corner and squeeze to decorate. Make a pencil bag: Punch 3-ring binder holes in the side, fill with your child's crayon and pencils, and clip into their school binder.