H-E-B Select Ingredients Vanilla Soy Milk, 1/2 gal

$2.14 ea

Indulge in the rich taste and powerful nutrition of our H-E-B Vanilla Soymilk. The refreshing flavor of H-E-B Soymilk is creamy and delicious and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Made with non-genetically modified soybeans, our H-E-B Vanilla Soymilk is the choice with 6.25 G of soy protein per serving. It's lactose free, vitamin fortified, and makes a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. EACH satisfying serving provides an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Additionally, it is a good source of vitamin A and has isoflavone benefits. Make your life soy savvy and enjoy a tall glass of goodness!