H-E-B Plastic Regular Tampons, 20 ct

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Compare to Tampax Pearl (This product is not manufactured or distributed by Procter & Gamble, distributor of Tampax Pearl). Comfortable & dependable. Comfort - rounded tip plastic applicator with finger grips and smooth glide finish ensures easy, comfortable insertion. Leakage Protection - special design adjusts and expands to fit your body, providing reliable and comfortable protection. Tampons absorbency range: H-E-B Sure Comfort Plastic Applicator Tampons are available in four absorbency ranges. Tampon absorbency terms and ranges are regulated by the FDA. Regular Absorbency: 6 g-9 g absorbency range. A woman's flow will vary during her menstrual cycle. Choose the absorbencies that are right for you for each day of your cycle. Menstrual Cycle: light to medium flow days, regular absorbency. Made in Israel.