H-E-B Meal Simple Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, 3 ct

Avg. 1.00 lb ea

$9.99 ea ($9.99 lb)

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Made in-store using H-E-B Original Thick Cut Bacon wrapped around asparagus bundles – perfect as an appetizer or side for 3. H-E-B Meal Simple has you covered for lunchtime, dinnertime anytime. It’s everything you want and most importantly – convenient. Just pop it in the oven and it’s hot and ready in minutes. - Appetizers made easy! - Smoky bacon wrapped around fresh asparagus - Ready-to-cook in the oven for an easy appetizer or side. Our H-E-B Meal Simple Items offer fresh, convenient and easy chef inspired meals. We strive to use only the highest quality of ingredients. Whether you are looking for a meal that’s ready to eat, heat or cook; we’ve got you covered.