H-E-B Baby Jumbo Pack Diapers, 24 ct, Size 5

$4.98 ea

H-E-B Baby® Diapers provide your little one with snuggable softness and leakage protection that keeps up with every little twist and turn they make! Our H-E-B Baby® diapers offer up day and night leakage protection and locks wetness away for a dry bottom. The soft, stretchable tabs fit securely around your little one and the soft leg cuffs gather gently around the legs to provide a snug and secure fit to help reduce leaks. The wetness indicator, available on sizes Newborn through 7, turns from yellow to blue when wet to let you know when it is time for a diaper change. This is also a great feature for your child who can recognize the color change and assist in the potty training process.

• Perfume and latex free.

• Umbilical cord cut out on Newborn.

• Stretchy, flexible waistband and sides.

• Super absorbent core and dryness liner.

• Fun design with size noted on every diaper.

• Wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue when wet.

100% Guarantee promise – If you aren’t completely pleased with this product, we’ll be happy to replace it or refund your money. You have our word on it