Grab Green Grab Green Tangerine Lemongrass Degreaser, 16 oz

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Non-toxic + no phosphates + biodegradable. Fragrance contains essential oils: tangerine + lemongrass + bergamot. Naturally-derived ingredients: corn sugar + coconut oil based surfactant blend - biodegradable detergent cleaner blend; non-ionic surfactant blend - biodegradable detergent cleaner blend; alcohol ethoxylate - biodegradable cleaning agent + fragrance emulsifier; sodium iminodisuccinate - biodegradable water softener to enhance cleaning; potassium hydroxide - pH adjuster; deionized water; sdc natural preservative - comprised of silver ions + citric acid. Why Grab? Stove tops. Kitchen floors. Cooktop hoods. Microwave interiors. Granite surfaces. Stainless steel. Sinks and more. Why Green? Naturally-derived ingredients. No animal testing. Biodegradable.