Grab Green Grab Green Fragrance Free 3 In 1 Laundry Detergent 60 LD, 36 oz

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60 loads. Cleans thoroughly. Removes stains. Enhances softness. Specifically formulated for HE & standard machines. Non-toxic. Naturally-derived ingredients. Hypo-allergenic. Phosphate free. Dye free. Why grab? Pre-measured pods; convenient; easy to carry; no mess + no waste; all temperatures; HE compatible. Why green? Non-toxic; naturally-derived ingredients; no animal testing; no optical brighteners; dye free + phosphate free; safe for septic systems. Pre-measured concentrated power pods. Naturally-derived ingredients. Sodium percarbonate: made from soda ash - active oxygen aids in cleaning + removes stains. Soda ash: mineral - water softener. Sodium metasilicate: mineral - aids in cleaning. Sodium citrate: citrus derived - aids in cleaning. Silica: mineral - anti-caking agent. Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate: mild biodegradable surfactant. Alcohol ethoyxlate: mild biodegradable low foaming surfactant. Organic enzyme blend: breaks down protein + starch based stains. No mess + no clean up. Made in the USA.