Good Flow Honey Co. Raw Texas Wildflower Honey, 1 lb

$9.96 ea

Unfiltered. Unheated. Nectars. Pollen. Beeswax. With cappings. Propolis. What is raw? The honey in this jar has not been heated or filtered, which allows more of the natural taste and nutrition of the nectars, beeswax, pollen, and propolis to be experienced. The honey is stable and can be stored indefinitely. It may crystallize, but this does not lessen the taste or nutritional quality of the honey. The folks at GoodFlow Honey Co. (basically a father and son team - Tom and Dan Crofut) have been keeping bees and producing Texas wildflower honey since 1975. How the bees do it - Texas wildflowers produce a wonderful array of pollens and nectars with unique individual tastes and qualities. The nectars are dehydrated into honey by the bees fanning their wings. It is stored in hexagonal wax cells and sealed (capped) with wax by the bees when it attains the proper moisture content. When you think that flowers secrete nectar to entice honey bees (and other insects) to help them cross pollinate by carrying pollen grains from one plant to another as they forage, you realize that honey is a part of a wonderful almost magical process. Nectar is the reward; that bees carry it a step further and condense it into honey is awesome. We hope you enjoy this unique natural product.