Freetail Original American Ale Beer 12 oz Cans, 6 pk

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Freetail Original represents the culmination of that dream into liquid reality. It harkens back to those first days in 2008 when our vision for what Freetail would be was still forming--the bricks and mortar were set, but the steam in the kettle was still rising.

A big, malty American Amber led the way as our flagship beer--with a crisp, bitter hop character to balance. By design, Freetail Ale has gone through many changes at the pub, but as one of our inaugural releases at our S. Presa brewery we wanted to pay homage to the Original. Brewed with Pils, Munich, Vienna and Caramunich malts hand in hand with European and American hops, this tribute to fulfilling a dream piques our enthusiasm for another new beginning.