Essentia Super Hydrating Water, 1.5 L

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Super hydrating water. Purified water and electrolytes for taste. Hydrate. Restore. Balance. Better water for a better you. Essentia Water is the ideal choice to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle. Plus, our great tasting, super hydrating water (scientifically/clinically supported) provides the best available pH at 9.5. So go on, drink to a healthy, happy, hydrated you. Our Proprietary Process: Water purified by reverse osmosis; infused with electrolytes for taste; alkalinized and restructured using Ionic Separation Technology. Trusted since 1998 to provide the best available pH at 9.5. Essentia's pH is 9.5 +/- (purified water require calibrated pH meter for testing). Safe and recyclable plastic. BPA-free.