EdenSoy Extra Organic Soymilk, 32 fl oz

$3.99 ea

Fortified with vitamins & calcium. 11 G protein. Cooked just right. Did you know EdenSoy is eco friendly? It begins on USA organic family farms where all the soybeans are grown using no harmful chemicals. Organic farming builds living healthy soil. After making EdenSoy the hulls and mash go to organic farms for feed. What's left over goes back to the bean growers as fertilizer. EdenSoy needs no refrigeration in shipping or storage, meaning far fewer green house gases. Please recycle. Earth friendly. Eden's meticulous tracking and audited records guarantee this food's purity. OCIA Certified Organic. The Extras in EdenSoy: Vitamin B12: Rare in the vegetable kingdom essential to good health. Beta Carotene: The antioxidant that becomes Vitamin A when metabolized. Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant: ours is derived from soybeans. Vitamin D2: The vegetable kingdom version for good Calcium assimilation. Calcium: The mineral for teeth, bones, muscle and nerve functions. Only whole bean soy protein.