Dr. Stuart's Liver Detox Tea, 15 ct

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Naturally caffeine free tea. All natural. Non alloy stapleless teabags. Independent UK company - proud to produce in our own UK factory. Fully sealed envelopes guarantees freshness and ideal if travelling. Extraordinarily good teas. Get it out of your system. Liver Detox: Benefit Blend. A detoxifying herbal infusion including dandelion root (23%), centaury herb (7%), and milk thistle (5%) to support liver function. Say Hello to Dr Stuart: As a leading ethnobotanist I've spent more than 30 years studying and using plants that are really useful to people. I know that for the best quality and flavour, only well-grown, carefully harvested herbs will do. That's why I'm personally involved in selecting and blending the pick of the crop for all our extraordinarily good teas. In fact, the herbs inside are so good and bursting with flavour, I've called them Active Botanicals. What are Active Botanicals? Herbs of the highest quality, picked from the most prized parts of the plants, with the most essential oils. That means the most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial tea possible. Only the best go into Dr Stuart's extraordinarily good teas. Active Botanicals Guarantee: Dr Stuart promises that every herb is of the highest quality active botanical grade. Active Botanicals Guarantee: Dr Stuart promises that: Every herb is of the highest quality active botanical grade. Only the most prized parts of the plant are used. All blends are created by a world-leading ethnobotanist. Dr Stuart's has 15% less packaging than before. Liver Detox is part of a range of Dr. Stuart's extraordinarily good teas. For complete details please visit www.drstuarts.com. If you love Liver Detox, try more of our Benefit Blends: Detox; Slim Plus; Valerian Plus; Triple Ginseng; Skin Purify; Lax Plus; Throat Relief; Tranquility; Echinacea Plus; Gingko Plus. Packed in the United Kingdom.