Crazy Water Alkaline Natural Mineral Water No. 4, 33.8 oz

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Who's the craziest of them all? No. 4!No. 4 is the strongest in minerals, full-bodied mineral water that we recommend drinking 1-2 glasses a day.The Legend of Crazy Water: The waters of Mineral Wells, TX have been making folks feel good inside and out since 1881. Maybe because of the flavor. Maybe cause they just might have healed a crazy woman who drank from the well. Either way, you'd be crazy not to drink it. By the dawn of the 20th century, Mineral Wells dominated the Texas spa resort market, and was known as where America drinks it's way to health. It welcomed over 150,000 visitors each year including Will Rogers, Lyndon Johnson, Clark Gable, Helen Keller, Roy Rogers, Ronald Reagan, the Three Stooges, and Judy Garland. Crazy water. So good it's crazy. Go Texan. Water as nature intended with minerals and electrolytes infused by Mother Nature not some factory. Crazy? Source: Famous mineral well. High Content: pH 8.2.