Badia Coltibuono Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9 oz

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Harvested December 2009, released spring 2010. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an authentic product entirely extracted by natural methods, first cold pressed and free of any type of heat or chemical treatment. Its natural acidity is traditionally among the lowest in the world. If naturally derived, low acidity is an indication that the olives were harvested early and pressed on the same day. Such oil is rich in natural anti-oxidants and is highly resistant to rancidity. The colour of Badia a Coltibuono's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is golden yellow with strong green nuances; it tastes of typical fruitiness and rich olive flavour. The mild peppery sensation experienced at the back of palate and the slightly bitter aftertaste are characteristic of an oil produced from tree picked olives which are not excessively mature. These qualities give the oil maximum conservation capacity as well as distinct taste. Bottled by La Badia srl Gaiole in Chianti - Siens - Itlay. Acidity 0.22%.