Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Soft Peanut Butter Madness Buddy Biscuits, 6 oz

$4.99 ea

Free of corn, soy, artificial flavors and colors. This is Buddy. Dogs love Buddy - alot! Because he is made with the best ingredients - yet has no corn, soy, or anything artificial! How can a treat taste this good!? It's simple. They are made fresh using only the best ingredients. These tasty treats have no corn, soy, fillers, or anything artificial - you get the picture. Back in 1998 I baked my very first batch of Buddy Biscuits. Our adopted dog Samantha had special dietary needs, and, because there were no healthy dog treats on the market, I made my own. Today I am proud that Cloud Star produces only the highest quality natural products for our pets and yours. Jen Melton & Samantha - Cloud Star co-founder 7 her inspiration.