Central Market Sweet Cheese Popcorn, 7 oz

$1.84 ea

A delicate mix of real caramel and savory cheddar cheese flavored popcorns. No artificial flavors or preservatives. When you think of eating popcorn, the first thing to comes to mind is mushrooms, right? Uhhh - Yeah, right us too. That's because in popcorn parlance mushroom describes a type of flake, or popped corn kernel. We selected the mushroom-shaped flake for our Central Market Sweet Cheese! popcorn because it's larger to hold more caramel or cheddar, and it's round for more even coating. With an even mix of sweet and savory, we've created a flavorful snack ready to eat the moment you open the bag. Sweet Cheese! That is good! You could enjoy these as a party of one, or buy several bags and let things mushroom into a full out par-tay.