Central Market Spinach Tagliatelle, 16 oz

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Spinach Tagliatelle originates from the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Italian for 'to cut,' Tagliatelle are flat like Pappardelle, but narrower. Our Central Market Spinach Tagliatelle is made with spinach powder for a rich, green color. This pasta is best suited for thick rag├╣ sauces and carbonara. Our Central Market Pastas are made according to time-honored, traditional practices emphasizing quality over efficiency. This resulting texture allows sauces to cling to each piece of pasta. Once the pasta is pressed, it needs time to dry. To save time, modern pasta manufacturing relies on fairly hot ovens for the drying process. Our Central Market Pastas are dried slowly at low temperatures, preserving the nutty flavor of the durum wheat.