Central Market Organic Air Chilled Whole Young Chicken Fryer

Avg. 3.50 lb ea

$13.62 ea ($3.89 lb)

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Our air-chilled chicken is USDA Certified Organic and American Humane certified. It contains no added solutions, flavorings, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Chilling with purified, circulating air instead of water creates extra flavorful meat because water is not absorbed. A proprietary flaxseed-based diet yields chicken with less cholesterol and significantly more Omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally fed chicken. Raised by a small group of Midwest family farmers without antibiotics and added hormones, who feed organic grains grown without chemical fertilizers or synthetic herbicides or pesticides, composed of non-genetically engineered grains and feed ingredients verified by the Non-GMO Project. The chickens enjoy spacious barns with natural light, eight hours continuous darkness nightly, and free-range outdoor paddocks with vegetation, shade, water and feed.
- 100% Chicken. No water added!
- No antibiotics or added hormones ever
- Fed a flaxseed-based organic diet of non-GMO feed ingredients
- More Omega-3 fatty acids than USDA standard for chicken
- Raised with access to the outdoors for improved animal welfare