Central Market Kombucha Blueberry Ginger, 16 oz

2 for $4.00

Heirloom Kombucha culture. Live enzymes & probiotics. Brewed with Rocky Mountain spring water. USDA organic. We brew our artisan Kombucha with Rocky Mountain spring water and heirloom mother cultures to give you a pure, authentic experience. Enjoy! Certified Organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. May contain less than 0.5% alcohol. Guarantee: At Central Market, our goal is to exceed your expectations every day. Thanks for shopping with us. - Charles Butt. Heirloom Probiotic Cultures: Z. Kombuchanensis, Gluconacetobacter Obediens, Dekkera Anomala, Dekkera Bruxellensis. Bottled in the United States.