Celsius Live Fit Sparkling Wild Berry, 12 oz Cans, 4 pk

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Dietary Supplement. Tastes great, burns calories and backed by science. Celsius Wild Berry, sparkling every day refreshment and a light berry twist. Multiple studies have shown Celsius burns up to 100 calories or more per can by raising metabolism over a three hour period, generating increased energy, alertness and focus. Enjoy the great taste of burning calories with Celsius, the original calorie burner. Additional benefits shown when combined with exercise. Loss of fat mass, gain of muscle mass and increased endurance were benefits found when consuming a single serving of Celsius everyday and prior to exercise in a study using a 10-week moderate exercise program. Powered by the calorie burning benefits of Metaboost, a proprietary blend shown to enhance metabolism, resulting in a sustained calorie burn. Individual results may vary. No sugar; no carbs; no benzoates; no aspartame; no preservatives; very low sodium; no high fructose corn syrup; no artificial colors or flavors. Contains: 200 mg total caffeine per serving. Product of USA.