Bruce Cost Passion Fruit Ginger Ale, Bottle, 4 pk 12 fl oz ea

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Made with 100% fresh ginger (no extracts) & pure cane sugar. Tangy passion fruit with an old medicinal treasure. Bruce Cost is one of the nation's leading authorities on Asian food. Bruce's career includes two James Beard nominations as best chef in California, three cookbooks and hundreds of articles. In 1984, Bruce wrote Ginger East to West, a small award-winning cookbook that traced ginger's origins and journey around the world, including the history of ginger ale. In 1989, he introduced his own version of ginger ale to patrons of his 4-star Monsoon restaurant in San Francisco. Finally, 14 restaurants later and after selling over 4 million glasses, he bottled his all-fresh ginger product under his name with his partners, Joseph and Terry Tang.