Boudin Sourdough Three Cheese Crisps, 6 oz

$3.99 ea

Toasted sourdough baguette slices. Enjoy them every day. The original San Francisco sourdough. Since 1849. The Gift of San Francisco: The Original San Francisco Sourdough French Bread was created in 1849, when the Boudin family first blended their traditional French baking techniques with the tangy sour dough used by the Gold Rush 49er's. The bread, with its dark-golden crunchy crust, soft chewy center, and distinctive flavor, soon became the local favorite. Today, Boudin Sourdough Bread is one of the most valued gifts visitors bring home from San Francisco. Boudin at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. We make our San Francisco Sourdough Crisps from Boudin Baguettes. Using the same recipe we use at home, San Francisco Sourdough Crisps are lightly seasoned and toasted. They are delicious as is or all dressed up with your favorite spreads or toppings to share with others.