Bob's Red Mill Unbleached White Flour, 80 oz

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Enriched, unbromated. Superb for bread baking by hand or machine. Milled from extra high protein high gluten US No. 1 hard red wheat. Bob's Red Mill Brand Unbleached White Flour is a delight to use in place of all-purpose bleached flour for all of your baking needs. An employee-owned company. To your good health. - Bob Moore. All natural. No preservatives. Dear friends, for many years we have been proudly stating that using our products will delight your family with whole grain goodness. Naturally, it pleases us that the same whole grain products we stone grind on French buhr millstones are today making health news all over the world. When you choose up to 11 daily servings of whole grain foods, you are providing the foundation for a healthy diet by eating foods that are from the base of the recommended food pyramid. At Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, we mill the widest possible diversity of whole grain foods. Come visit us right now. Take a virtual tour. While there, you can see our entire product line, including many organic products. You will be astounded and well nourished by our vast selection. To your good health, Bob Moore.