Amy's Country Cheddar Bowls, 9.5 oz

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Made with organic pasta and vegetables in a cheddar cheese sauce. No GMOs - no bioengineered ingredients. Microwave or regular oven. After the birth of our daughter Amy in 1987 we found there was little time to prepare the wholesome nutritious food we normally ate. Realizing there were others like ourselves, we set up Amy's Kitchen to produce delicious, nourishing, frozen meals for health conscious people too busy to cook. We use only the finest natural and organic ingredients and prepare them with the same careful attention in our kitchen as you would in your own home. No meat, fish, poultry or eggs are ever used in any Amy's products. This bowl is a full meal in itself, combining tender organic broccoli, julienne carrots, roasted potatoes, red bell peppers and baked tofu with rotini pasta. A creamy sauce made with aged English cheddar cheese completes this delicious meal which will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. All dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized, rBST hormone free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or rennet. Amy's Kitchen does not use any peanuts, fish, shellfish or eggs. Certified organic by QAI. Quality Assurance International.