Experience the fresh flavor of stone-ground flour!

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Bread the old-fashioned way — today

Before flour blends and national bread companies, bread was made at home with single-variety grains ground between stones at wind-, water- or horse-powered mills. This more gentle, small batch approach to flour-making creates breads with a deep, nutty aroma and flavor while retaining more of the grains’ natural vitamins and minerals.

We wanted to bring this unique experience to you! And while we weren’t allowed to bring a horse into our bakery to help make the flour, we do have organic, single-variety grains and an ancient stone from Greece to grind them. Our mill just happens to plug into the wall. (Not as exciting as flour-dusted horses in aprons, we know, but still pretty neat!)

How we do it

We make the flour and bake the bread in our Fort Worth store using a wooden flour mill from Austria. Our bakers pour whole, single-variety grain into the mill where it’s slowly ground beneath the stone and turned into flour. Then they use the fresh flour to bake breads —using yeast, salt, and water— that highlight the natural flavors of each specific grain.

The grains & breads

Because our stone-ground breads feature only a single type of grain and not a blend, they showcase the true flavor of the grains — which can vary from season to season, similar to wine, coffee, or chocolate. This makes for a special culinary experience as you’re enjoying the flavor of a particular point in time. Be sure to try our Yecora Rojo, Esperia, and Khorasan Kamut varieties.