How To: Roast Hatch Chiles at Home

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Want to roast your own Hatch Chiles at home? Here are a few tips and tricks to roast, clean, and store your chiles in-between seasons.

Looking to roast Hatch Chiles at home? Here are some super easy steps to help you char, prep, and store these spicy peps to use all year long.


  • Under the Broiler:
    Preheat the broiler. Place chiles under the broiler for 6-8 minutes. Turn peppers to allow all sides of the skin to completely blacken and blister.
  • In a Cast-Iron:
    Place a cast-iron skillet on the stovetop and heat on high. Open a window … there will be pepper smoke in the air. Place several chiles on the skillet, and turn until they completely blacken and blister.
  • On the Grill:
    Place chiles on a preheated charcoal or gas grill about 5-6 inches above the heat source. Turn the peppers as the skin blackens. Remove once skins are completely charred and blistered.


  • In a Bowl:
    Place blistered chiles in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap or a towel. Let them steam for at least 10 minutes.
  • In a Bag:
    Place blistered chiles in a plastic zip-top bag and seal. Let steam for 10 minutes before removing. Have a lot of chiles? Put them in a Central Market paper bag and roll the top to seal.


PUT ON GLOVES (really … these chiles are hot). If your chiles are completely charred, you can easily rinse off the skins in a sink or bowl of water. For stubborn skins, scrape off with a knife.


If you’re not using the chiles right away, place skinned chiles (keep the seeds or clean them out … the choice is yours!) in a plastic freezer bag. Squeeze out the air and store them in the freezer.