Better Than Ever: Central Market Organic Air-Chilled Chicken

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Our Central Market air-chilled chicken is now even better. But before we dive into those details, let’s review what makes air-chilling so great to begin with.

Air-chilling cools meat with air, rather than water. This creates extra flavorful meat because water is not absorbed to dilute it. Plus, air-chilling saves water!

We’re excited to announce our USDA Certified Organic air-chilled chicken is now produced in the Midwest by the Pitman family with thoughtful care for the animals and environment.

The Pitmans are leaders in poultry welfare and natural growing practices. They work with a small group of family farmers in Iowa and Wisconsin who raise their chickens without cages in wide-open barns with natural light, 8-hours of continuous darkness nightly, and free-range outdoor paddocks with vegetation, shade, water, and feed.

What’s more, the chickens are fed an organic, non-GMO certified flaxseed-based diet. This diet results in chicken cuts with lower cholesterol content and higher Omega-3 fatty acid levels than conventionally fed chicken.

So our air-chilled chicken tastes better and is better for you, the animals, and the environment! Look for the blue and white labels and try air-chilled chicken today!