Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

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From Pinots to Proseccos and everything in between, we know it’s easy to get overwhelmed when pairing wine with food. That’s why we put together this little guide to help take the mystery out of matching.

Of course, you can always visit one of our stores where our wine experts are ready to help plan the perfect menu and answer any questions!

Starters and Appetizers

A good rule of thumb for Italian wines is “what grows together, goes together,” which is why Cossu Pecorino Romano cheese and Cantina Mesa Vermentino are a perfect match. Racy, citrusy Vermentino from Sardinia is a great partner for the depth and character of the pecorino produced in the same area. The Vermentino cleanses the palate after the salty finish of the cheese.

Antipasti, the classic, traditional first course in Italian cuisine should be paired with a classic wine like Attems Ramato Pinot Grigio. Called Ramato for its copper color, it’s made using the same techniques as 200 years ago.

Sparkling wine isn’t just for celebrations! Cielo Prosecco, with its fresh fruit notes of apple and pear, is perfectly paired with a lush and tangy cheese like casArrigoni Spoonable Gorgonzola. This combination brings together a wonderful blend of creamy & tangy and bright & bubbly.

Mains Courses

For seafood like mussels, match the flavors of the sea with a peachy wine like Gradis ‘Ciutta Chardonnay. The mussels’ briny and rich flavors shine with the flavors of golden apple and peach notes from the wine.

When serving foods with red sauce, like meatballs, reach for wines chock full of red fruit flavors. Cielo Appassionatamente is lush and ripe with notes of raspberries and cola, which pairs well with red sauces and beef or turkey meatballs.

A buttery, delicate fish like our Lemon & Herb Branzini needs a wine in a similar style. Gran Passione Bianco is a delightful blend that’s 80% Chardonnay and 20% Gargenega. It’s beautifully fruit-forward with a creamy palate and a long, smooth finish.

Give these ideas a try and visit with our wine experts next time you’re at your Central Market. They’re always excited to help pick out the perfect pairings.