Cool off that Kabob

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Following our Passport Greece event in 2015 our Market kabobs became a staple in my dinner routine. The chicken and veggie skewers are great, light, and super tasty, but what makes them even better, a simple homemade tzatziki. From there it is as simple as firing up the grill and letting the kabobs go until they are done, about 10 – 12 minutes. It’s a complete dinner on a simple skewer.

Now the chicken kabobs are great, but I am really excited about mixing our tzatziki with our new Middle East Style Natural Lamb and Beef Kofta. ground natural lamb and natural Angus beef seasoned with onions, bell pepper, and aromatic spices. Ready to be grilled or broiled. All you need is a little bit of pita bread from the Bakery and if you are feeling extra saucy, grab some hummus too.