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Bahārāt might be the most unique and unknown flavor we are bringing you during our Fire & Spice Global Grilling event, but that is what Central Market all about, helping every customer further their food journey. We love introducing people to knew things, and we think you are going to love bahārāt.

Bahārāt which simply means “spice” in Arabic is one of the all-purpose seasonings in Middle Eastern fair that is aromatic, warm, and sweet. Although the particular blend varies by region and even household, it always includes black pepper and typically has cumin, cinnamon, and clove among other spices. Do not be intimidated to make this at home, you will want to start with whole spices, which tend to be more flavorful, and all available in our Bulk Spice department.

Now a pinch of your new spice mix can add depth of flavor to soups, grains, lentils, or rice. It can also be used as a marinade when mixed with a neutral oil, but we love it as a rub for fish, poultry, and especially vegetables.

To make Bahārāt Grilled Vegetables part of your regular dinner routine, simply toss vegetables with olive oil and your seasoning before grilling following our Vegetable Grilling Guides, keep in mind it’s especially good with eggplant.

But feel free to move beyond vegetables and try it on Chicken Thighs, in Hummus, or lamb chops.